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Proven marketing and media strategies

Today’s advertising and communication environment is complex and can be intimidating. Mark’s MediaWorks is uses a combination of media mechanisms that will get customers noticed in a cluttered marketplace. The concept is centered on guiding customers to an easier and more efficient way of advertising.


Videos have quickly become a large part of everyday life for your consumers. Mark’s MediaWorks believes there are two types of businesses:

    1) Those that use video
    2) Those that should (or will) use video.

Search rankings are affected by the amount of time visitors stay on a website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth. Videos have boomed in popularity due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. This makes videos an excellent marketing tool.

Increasing conversion rates, clarifying, and boosting sales are just a few reasons why a business should have video. It is often repeated ‘word of mouth’ is the best form of advertising, video takes this concept to another dimension and allows you to control the message about your business.

Contact us to learn what an ‘explainer’ video is and how we can help you have one.


Media placement allows our partners to eliminate the time-consuming task of dealing with multiple media sources, while benefitting from more exposure for no more than what they are currently investing. Our team of experts specializes in message delivery to a targeted audience with a proven track record of bringing results for organizations of all sizes.

Advertising and media is essential for small and medium business owners, and the message for your business is as critical as where it gets placed. Mark’s MediaWorks is passionate about well-written and effective copy.

The media placement concept has been developed after many and steady referrals and inquiries about this service. Geo-targeting is a new and extremely effective form of online advertising. It can be a daunting strategy for business owners that aren’t intuitive to online marketing. We simplify this cost-effective task.


As much as video content is important in getting the attention of potential and existing consumers, the quality of audio content is also critical. There is power and effectiveness to be had when using audio, whether in conjunction with video or as a standalone medium. These things are often best delivered by professional voiceover artists.

Many businesses would like to have a unique voice or sound in their marketplace, but have found achieving this to be challenging. Mark’s MediaWorks has a stable of voices and resources and will help you match the right voice for your business and message. Contact us for help!


Here is a comprehensive list of services provided by Mark’s MediaWorks:

Social Media
Website Development
Marketing Development
Event Planning
Voice Work
Public Speaking
Relationship Building
Strategic Planning
Market Research
Product Branding
Budget Development
Database Management
Solution Presentation
Client Entertainment
Customer Service Development
Professional Voice Talent
Legacy Videos
Video Biography
Athletic Recruitment Videos